It is a big decision to make when companies want to hire a marketing service company. SME owners may have concerns like increased expenses, trust issues with contractors, losing control of the public image, etc. Even though, if you are able to find a suitable marketing service company, the effect of collaboration will amaze you.

From ATME’s perspective, if you have seen the following signals in your company, it is time to hire a marketing agency.

1. No systematic and long-term marketing plan

Only planning marketing activities for the coming month is absolutely not a healthy way to do marketing. A comprehensive marketing campaign requires consideration about short-term target, long-term revenue and brand image, which are the direction of all the channel selection and content creation. By cooperating with marketing companies, you are able to plan for the coming season, even 6 months, or a year.

2. No marketing professionals within company.

Marketing is an industry that requires trainings and knowledge. Marketing for a company does not only need SEO knowledge, but also Social Media Marketing skills, not to mention graphic design, content marketing, web development. All these skills are essential to successful marketing strategy and execution. Recruiting a marketing company gives you access to all these resources.

3. Your sales are not growing

Is your marketing expanding? Is your revenue growing? If not, it is time to recruit a marketing company to help you set new marketing strategy. This strategy covers the majority of your customers from online and offline, and show what customers want to see.

4. You are doing marketing by yourself

If you are doing Social Media marketing, web update, email marketing and all other marketing stuff, it means that you are too exhausted to take care of your business as a whole. We all know that resources are scarce, so is attention. No one can do everything and does it perfectly. If you can delegate marketing job to a marketing company, both of you can make efforts to what you are good at.

5. You do not analyze data

Testing, tracking and analysis are critical factors in a marketing campaign. Those indices can help you identify effective or ineffective ads. If you do not track and analyze data on a regular basis, it is almost impossible to find most effective channel to acquire customers. Recruiting a marketing company may save you thousands of dollars.

6. It has been 2 years since you updated your website

If you want to remain competitive in the market, you need a new website. Google is now giving higher rankings to mobile-friendly and responsive websites. Responsive web design means a website can adjust according to devices like PC, tablets and smartphone screens. It provides better user experience to viewers from different devices. You will instantly lose the competition if your website is not responsive. It is not only Google that values responsive web design, but also the viewers.

7. You update content on your website every 2-3 weeks

It could definitely hurt your search ranking. Google gives higher ranking to content that is created more recently. Even on social media, user participation will drop if you do not frequently update new content. Thus, it is better if you can upload new content to your social media account every day and publish news every week on your website.

8. It is time to come up with new ideas

It is totally understandable that we exhaust our creativity. The bright side of cooperating with marketing company is that you own a team that is committed to learning and practicing newest marketing concepts and techs.

9. Your business is growing, so should your brand awareness

This may be the best reason to recruit a marketing company. As businesses are growing, they need help from marketing experts. Once you build a solid brand image of innovation and excellence, negative news from average media or social media won hurt you. Therefore, you need a team to fight for you in the frontline and scream out your competitive edges.

ATME’s ( quote: Recruiting professional marketing companies is a difficult decision to make for most Canadian SMEs. Although, it might be hard to give up control, a suitable marketing company has experts in multiple fields, they have the knowledge to improve your marketing from different perspectives. They can collaborate smoothly with internal marketing team of clients’ companies and boost the growth of client companies.

Reference:2Easy Business By Jason Chan

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