Brand Management

Pain Point

1. Brand awareness hasn’t penetrated the Chinese Canadian market after 5 years of operation
2. High unit price extends buyers decision process

ATME - FOTILE new product


1. Stressing the benefits of the product and attracting customers with the value of the product can largely shorten the buyers’ decision process
2. Promotional information can only reach a few segments of the target customers due to their occupations, locations, and habits.



ATME helps FOTILE Canada penetrate the nationwide market through strategic planning, project execution, and media buying, etc.

Strategic planning

Based on the sales target, ATME developed an annual marketing plan and adapted the annual theme into branding, marketing, and sales executions. The budget and programs were allocated to accommodate the changes in the market.


Project execution

Made detailed execution plans for each project base on different goals and target audience, and provided copywriting, design, and management. The mid-year promotion reached 600 sales in a single month, which broke the sales record of FOTILE Canada in the past 5 years.

ATME - FOTILE Canada campaigns

Media buying

Launched campaigns through nationwide media platforms such as WeChat Moments Ads to cover more than 750k Chinese Canadians, and adopted group buying, flash sales, and other effective promotion tactics to stimulate sales.

ATME - FOTILE Canada Group buying