TchinM Rebranding

Pain Point

1. The previous brand name – Babecake caused confusion in the business category
2. Undefined competitive advantages of cubilose products lead to off positioning


1. Adopt multi-brand umbrella to differentiate high margin products from high volume product

2. Redefine target market and diversify product line, focusing on the young and anti-ageing generation

3. Target customers: high value, quality of life chaser, well beings carers

4. TA spend a large amount of time on mobile APPs to learn about different products

ATME - TchinM traceable bird's nest gift box


With redesigned name&slogan, a diversified product line, and an E-commerce website, TchinM has improved its brand awareness and sales.


New name & slogan

According to research, ATME named sub-brand “TchinM青慕”, which means young, energetic, and charming. The logo was designed in black/white letters. Elements of swifts were integrated to stress the cubilose products. Slogan: “逆时光而行” (travel against the clock) reflects the value of modern women: young, energetic, and independent.ATME-TchinM KV

Diversified product line

Stewed bird‘s nest was positioned as the main product, which met the customers’ needs of daily healthcare, beauty, and lifestyle.ATME- TchinM Stewed bird's nest

Bird’s nest light drink was designed with more fashionable packaging and flavors to meet the requirements of younger generationsATME- TchinM Bird's nest light drink

Ecommerce website

The new E-commerce website – met the requirements for order placement as well as marketing and promotion.

Official accounts: brand image and products

Helped TchinM set up official accounts on WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, and RED. Photos and videos of products and knowledge of cubilose were shared to interact with customers.

Content marketing + influencer marketing

Worked with influencers to share information and selling points of products to gain more exposure on social networks and generate sales. TchinM gained 30% more sales after operating on the RED within 1 month.

ATME - TchinM coupon1

ATME - TchinM coupon2