Repower Financial
Brand Upgrade

Pain Point

1. It is a challenge to promote financial companies to the Chinese community because of trust issues.
2. Audiences are not willing to acquire knowledge from sales-oriented financial lectures.
3. Consulting services don’t generate cash flow.

ATME - Repower financial VI


1. The investors love knowledge and insights but resist sales.
2. Most investors want to make decisions based on their own judgment.

ATME - Repower financial Membership Cards


Visual upgrade helps Repower Financial to be recognized and remembered by potential clients more easily.

Visual upgrade

Adjusted the VI system with lighter colors and applied it on the website, membership cards, gifts,

customer care events, etc. It improved brand recognition and a sense of belonging among members.

ATME - Repower financial membership brochure

Membership program

Built a membership system to meet the different needs of customers. Members were invited to seminars and exclusive consulting to acquire financial knowledge and information they needed.

The repower club provided the investors with knowledge and information. In the first month of its launch, more than 130 people participated in the session on “The best timing for bottom fishing?”