ReformFIT Group Training Brand Management

Pain Point

1. Group training is new to the Chinese community
2. It is difficult to attract attention and educate the local Chinese community as the first to introduce the group training

ATME - ReformFIT Group trainningn


1. Group training is more attractive to people who do not work out very often.
2. Target customers can build a habit out of experiences and free trials.


Press Briefing

A press briefing, engaging major Chinese media channels helped ReformFIT spread the word to the public and increase brand awareness, which generated ReformFIT more exposure and sales leads.

ATME - ReformFIT Group Training

$1 for 1 Week Campaign

The $1 for 1 Week Campaign kicked off at the grand opening. ATME helped introduced the campaign to fitness communities, social media influencers, local media channels, etc. The campaign brought 600 customers for the trial and 50% of them became paying customers after the experience.

ATME - ReformFIT map

DJ Night: The fusion of music and fitness

A famous DJ was invited to the event and played the popular music on TikTok, so members could work out their favourite songs. The event attracted many young customers and delivered the concept of “fun” to customers.

ATME - ReformFIT DJ night