Livestream Commerce

Pain Point

1. Sales from retail stores has dropped due to the epidemic
2. Livestream commerce on zoom/YouTube are not effective in generating direct sales



1. People cook more during the quarantine and it fits the using scenario of FOTILE
2. A better experience would help sales generation, while incentives are effective in engagements


Livestream Commerce Planning

ATME promoted Livestream commerce with topics of recipes, chef, cooking, etc., and integrated the topics with FOTILE product features.

Livestream Commerce Operation

Embedded product and brand exposure in live-streaming/customer service messages, live-streaming

process, channel decoration, and sales link insertion. The products’ selling points are implanted into

the flow of the streaming to secure the delivery of information, interaction, recreation as well as action.


The first live-streaming commerce sessions acquired 1,800 viewers and brought $10,000+ sales to FOTILE Canada. With multiple promotion efforts, including paid search and display ads, the sales of FOTILE Canada during the epidemic has reached a YoY increase of 132% from January to July.

ATME - FOTILE livestream