Business Strategy Consulting

Pain Point

1. High competition in the local market. Brand awareness and operations optimization are needed to suit the change in customer behaviours.
2. The operations reached the bottleneck, direction of growth needs to be identified.

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1. Cowboy established a scale of stores, diversified coaching specialties, and a concentration of customer attributes.
2. Successful gyms in the market are well differentiated from each other, which could provide references for Cowboy Fitness


Market research and customer analysis

Adopted primary and secondary research to analyze Cowboy’s current customers, business

environment, and competitive environment, provided suggestions on positioning, direction of growth,

and product optimization.

Branding strategies

Built Cowboy’s brand identity by using the founder’s hero story, unique symbols of the brand, standard courses, and visual/sound identity – a clear brand image to effectively attract customers.

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Visual upgrade

Redesigned the VI system with current images and materials to construct a unified internal/external brand image, which helped to enhance brand differentiation and brand awareness.

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